Understanding the Stationery, Gifts, Card & Souvenir Markets

The retail market is becoming increasingly competitive as businesses fight for a share of consumers spending in-store or on-line. Understanding your market and the current trends is a vital starting point for any project and the foundation of all business planning.

With 30 years in retail, I have the skills to help you scope the size of your business opportunity and evaluate the associated risks and benefits for the short, medium and long term. 

I provide the following Market & Business Evaluation services to enable you to plan for future success:

  • Market Analysis - helping you understand the impact of economic and social changes on your business.
  • Targeting Retailers - segmenting the market to find sectors that will appeal to your target consumers and advise how to approach the right retailers.
  • Product Types - identifying the best products to include in your range. 
  • Retail Price Points - understanding the key price points for each of your product types. 
  • Shopper Insights – explaining how consumer behaviours are impacted by economic and social conditions.
  • Risk Management - helping you identify, quantify and mitigate the risks associated with your business opportunity.’
  • Strategy Setting - creating a business development framework so you focus on the core tasks and stick to development budgets and timescales.

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