Sought-after Services

Change is nothing new for the retail sector, and despite the harsh conditions, there are plenty of examples of retailers and suppliers who are making the most of the difficult situation. I am privileged to work with both small, medium and large businesses helping them understand and adapt their plans to make the most of the design, social and economic trends that undoubtedly influence how much retailers and consumers have to spend and what they want to buy.

Below are the most common business scenarios my services can support…


Gain the right guidance in the early years of your business.

At the very beginning of your business or in those early years gaining the right advice and understanding of what to expect from going to market is crucial to ensure your journey towards success is based on well thought-out research, strategy and focussed planning and while this is critically important it does not have to be difficult – it is really exciting. I help manage expectations or misconceptions giving you a clear understanding of what lies ahead and needs to be achieved.



Advise on developing your product in a way that meets buyers and consumer needs.

Developing new products is naturally exciting, but you need to be confident they are relevant, there is market demand, and your product fulfils the buyers and consumers needs. My role is to help you develop products that will meet both criteria.



Confidence that you are fully prepared and ready to launch.

You have dedicated time, money, and effort to get your products and business ready to go to market now you need a launch that will make a big impact. Ensuring all the groundwork has been done will mean you have a solid platform ready to launch into the market.

Together we will develop the plans and preparations that are necessary to create the desired impression and results.



Help to establish yourself in a new market sector.

Achieving growth through launching into a new market sector is not without its challenges. Having the right expertise, understanding regulatory obstacles, knowing who your competition is and ensuring there is plenty of demand are all crucial factors that will help you to overcome problems when you encounter them. As your retail advisor I will provide the necessary expertise to help identify opportunities and risks.



Support for your expansion into the UK.

Are you planning to expand your business into the UK? Despite the uncertainty of Brexit, the UK ranks as one of the best locations for businesses looking to expand internationally. Whether you’re looking to access new or existing customers, develop new products, find new suppliers and partners, or do more business in the UK, I can help you.


Evolve product range

Implement strategies that maximise performance, effort and cost.

Are you eager to evolve your product range and increase customer loyalty or gain a competitive edge? If you want to add new products or modify existing products, as a Retail Buyer with 30 years’ experience, I can help you implement strategies for range management that maximise the performance, effort and cost.


Develop visitor attraction

Experience to develop or reinvent an engaging and stimulating attraction.

Inbound tourism is important to a countries economy and visitor attractions are a major draw for foreign visitors as well as those holidaying at home. My experience of supporting the development or reinvention of a visitor attraction’s retail offer includes; understanding its appeal, desirability and its impact to engage and stimulate its visitors with an experience that translates into sales and increases the average basket spend.

How can I help you?

So whether you're just starting out, or you are well established and you want to ensure your offer remains relevant to your target customers -