Selling your Stationery, Gifts, Cards or Souvenirs more Effectively

Whether you're a retailer, or a supplier, the principles of selling your products are very similar, but understanding the subtle differences are critical if you are to stand any chance of success. 

For example if you are a supplier who deals with small independent retailers but you want to approach a larger multiple, you need to know what your new target clients will expect. Similarly, if you're a manufacturer trading in Europe and want to supply the UK for the first time, you need to understand the differences in the markets and their expectations, in order to meet them.

With my extensive experience, I can help you understand retailer and customer expectations in order to help you sell your products more effectively: 

  • Selling the Benefits - providing independent insight into the key benefits of your products and explaining them in a way that will quickly attract customer attention.
  • Importance of Packaging - taking the buyers perspective regarding the design of your retail packaging and the application of materials, graphics and copy.
  • Distribution - advising on the supply chain and quantities to ensure you work effectively across different retail channels and their individual constraints.
  • Stock Advice - forecasting volumes from different types of retailer and weighing up the operational considerations when deciding whether to supply into specific channels.
  • Costings - accurately calculating costs to submit realistic proposals based on a thorough working knowledge of retail margins and supply requirements including pack quantities and terms expectations.
  • Additional Support Requests – helping you to pitch your business proposals effectively 

Click here for examples of previous projects and case studies within this discipline.

So whether you're a retailer, supplier, or manufacturer, if you are looking to sell your products and ranges more effectively - get in touch today.

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