As well as working with clients I'm also very involved in the wider industry working with recognised bodies to share my knowledge and expertise in various ways. I'm regularly asked to contribute to specialist Stationery, Gift, and Card publications and speak at associated events.

Here's a summary of my most recent work:

Press Articles 2017

Up for a Challenge - Retail Advice (September)

Let's Celebrate! - Retail Advice (August)

Here Comes Summer - Retail Advice (July)

Fresh and New - Retail Advice (June)

Making a Difference - Retail Advice (May)

Turned out Nice Again - Retail Advice (April)

It's a Gift - Retail Advice (March)

World is your Oyster - Retail Advice (February)

Trends: get in the know - Gift Focus (January)

Time to Buy - Retail Advice (January)

Press Articles 2016

The Price is Right - Retail Advice (November/December)

Seeing the value - Retail Advice (October)

Kidding around - Retail Advice (September)

Optimise Opportunities - Retail Advice (August)

Animal magnetism - Retail Advice (July)

The value of awards - Retail Advice (June)

Now spring is here - Retail Advice (May)

Let's get growing - Retail Advice (April)

What have you got that's new? - Retail Advice (March)

It's show time! - Retail Advice (February)

Here we go again - Retail Advice (January)

Press Articles Archive

Keep the faith - Are trade fairs worth it?
Greetings_Today_Oct_2015 (894k)

A handy tale - handmade and hand-finished cards really do add that something extra and help create a point of difference for retailers
Greetings_Today_Sept_2015 (883k)

Laugh out loud - giggles sell cards
Greetings_Today_Aug_2015 (835k)

Getting the most out of Harrogate
Home_and_Gift_Harrogate_July_2015.pdf (2109k)

Hone the details - Getting it right is very important with products such as greeting cards
Greetings_Today_8th_July_2015.pdf (1154k)

Ignore trends at your peril - Henri looks at what's currently dominant in this trend-led industry
Greetings_Today_7th_June_2015.pdf (843k)

All wrapped up - presenting the gift is a very important part of the whole process
Greetings_Today_6th_May_2015.pdf (1861k)

A very special occasion
Greetings_Today_5th_April_2015.pdf (997k)

All the fun of the fairs
Greetings_Today_4th_March_2015.pdf (1288k)

A different feel - What will the new year bring?
Greetings_Today_3rd_Feb_2015.pdf (1152k)

Looking for a challenge - Henri looks at emerging trends
Greetings_Today_2nd_Jan_2015.pdf (1165k)

Resolved to spend a bit more - Henri reflects on 2014
Greetings_Today_Nov_Dec_2014.pdf (1008k)


Gift of the Year 2015 - Gift of the Year 2015. Also read my blog

What's New in Stationery - Henri Davis reports on new finds at the London Stationery Show

Henri goes trans-Atlantic and revisits the National Stationery Show 2014 - Stationery Magazine

Henri Davis industry's first vice-chairman of the Giftware Association - Greetings Today Magazine

The National Stationery Show - Henri Report's from the Big Apple - Greetings Today, Pressing Designs

Beating the Sceptics - Greetings Today, Paperworld Review

The Stationery Awards 2014 - Chairperson of the Judging Panel

Greeting Today Magazine - announcing my appointment as the next Vice-chairman of the Gift Association October 2013

The Stationery Magazine - my latest article as a regular contributor

OPI Final Word - my Final Word published in July 2012

Question Time: Should Department Stores be investing more in luxury brands - my advice published in Department Store News April 2012

10 ways Retailers can appeal to their customers - article on my Giftware Association presentation written by Jeremy Corner

Retail Industry Reports

12 Ways to Grow your Profits - Published by Blue Eyed Sun Greetings Cards


'Understanding your Customer' - 64th AGM of The Giftware Association (16 May 2012)

Seminar Programme

Top Drawer London
Tuesday 19th January - 15.30

Scotland’s Trade Fair Glasgow
Sunday 24th January - 12.00
Monday 25th January - 15.00

Spring Fair Birmingham
Sunday 7th February 

  • 11.15 Fashion Catwalk Hall 20

Monday 8th February

  • 11.10 Fashion Catwalk Hall 20
  • 14.15 E Commerce Theatre Hall 6

Tuesday 9th February 

  • 11.10 Fashion Catwalk Hall 20
  • 14.30 Fashion Catwalk Hall 20

Wednesday 10th February

  • 11.30 Fashion Catwalk Hall 20

Thursday 11th February

  • 11.30 Fashion Catwalk Hall 20

Industry Seminar Presenter

Ladder Club 2014
Ladder Club 2013
GA AGM 2012
Spring Fair 2012
Integra Member’s Day Retail Session 2011
Autumn Fair 2009
SOPX 2009

Industry Awards Judge

Gift of the Year 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 for the Giftware Association
The Stationery Awards 2011, 2012, 2013 for The Stationery Show
Henries 2009, 2010, 2011 for Progressive Greetings
BOSS Awards 2011 for the BOSS Federation

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