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Up for a Challenge - Retail Advice (September)

Let’s Celebrate - Retail Advice (August)

Here comes Summer - Retail Advice (July)

Fresh and New - Retail Advice (June)

Making a Difference - Retail Advice (May)

Turned out nice again - Retail Advice (April)

Its a Gift - Retail Advice (March)

World is your Oyster - Retail Advice (February)

Time to Buy - Retail Advice (January)

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The Price is Right - Retail Advice (November/December)

Seeing the value - Retail Advice (October)

Kidding around - Retail Advice (September)

Optimise Opportunities - Retail Advice (August)

Animal magnetism - Retail Advice (July)

The value of awards - Retail Advice (June)

Now spring is here - Retail Advice (May)

Let's get growing - Retail Advice (April)

What have you got that's new? - Retail Advice (March)

It's show time! - Retail Advice (February)

Here we go again - Retail Advice (January)

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Keep the faith - Are trade fairs worth it?
Greetings_Today_Oct_2015 (894k)

A handy tale - handmade and hand-finished cards really do add that something extra and help create a point of difference for retailers
Greetings_Today_Sept_2015 (883k)

Laugh out loud - giggles sell cards
Greetings_Today_Aug_2015 (835k)

Getting the most out of Harrogate
Home_and_Gift_Harrogate_July_2015.pdf (2109k)

Hone the details - Getting it right is very important with products such as greeting cards
Greetings_Today_8th_July_2015.pdf (1154k)

Ignore trends at your peril - Henri looks at what's currently dominant in this trend-led industry
Greetings_Today_7th_June_2015.pdf (843k)

All wrapped up - presenting the gift is a very important part of the whole process
Greetings_Today_6th_May_2015.pdf (1861k)

A very special occasion
Greetings_Today_5th_April_2015.pdf (997k)

All the fun of the fairs
Greetings_Today_4th_March_2015.pdf (1288k)

A different feel - What will the new year bring?
Greetings_Today_3rd_Feb_2015.pdf (1152k)

Looking for a challenge - Henri looks at emerging trends
Greetings_Today_2nd_Jan_2015.pdf (1165k)

Resolved to spend a bit more - Henri reflects on 2014
Greetings_Today_Nov_Dec_2014.pdf (1008k)


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