As your business grows it evolves, requiring new processes, new procedures, and most importantly, new people. Developing expertise whilst nurturing fresh talent requires a careful balance of mentoring and training; ensuring your team has the appropriate skills, allowing individuals to progress within your business. 

Few companies can afford for their staff to take time out of the business to attend training courses so they prefer an expert advisor to come in and work alongside their teams.

Having worked in the retail industry, in a variety of roles, means I have an in depth working knowledge of the stationery, gift, card and souvenir market and the processes and procedures associated with them. I also have the communication skills and collaborative, supportive style to be an effective trainer across all business environments.

I have vast experience of mentoring on a one to one basis as well as working with bigger groups, and can provide the following training services:

  • Professional Development - designing specific training courses according to your brief to develop and train your teams as your business evolves.
  • Delivering training courses - having designed training programmes, I have vast experience in delivering training courses for your organisation and happy to work with any size of group, depending on requirements.
  • Mentoring - challenging and supporting individuals to progress in their roles in a range of disciplines including buying and merchandising, retail processes and procedures, and operations.
  • Time Management - identifying ways to work more effectively and creating realistic plans that will enable you to deliver your projects on time and to budget.

Click here for examples of previous projects and case studies within this discipline.

So get in touch today to discuss how my expertise and advice could help improve your team's productivity and results.



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