Getting your Stationery, Gifts, Cards or Souvenirs into Production

As consumers become more discerning in their purchasing behaviours it's vital the products in your range fulfil their needs in terms of quality, function and are available at a suitable price; helping to create stand out in a competitive marketplace. 

Having been involved in own brand product development for the last 25 years, I am well placed to source products from the UK or Europe, ensuring they are fit for purpose and meet all the necessary legal obligations.

I provide the following services to help you source items or work with manufacturers to get your products into production: 

  • Quality Specification - creating specifications to help you develop functional products that achieve the quality, value and reliability standards you require.
  • Environmental Considerations - ensuring the component materials, how and where the product is manufactured, all reflect the environmental standards you require.
  • Pricing - forecasting retailer margins and understanding manufacturing processes in order to refine product specifications to achieve key prices.
  • Supplier Sourcing - finding the suppliers that would best suit your business needs and putting you in contact with relevant companies if required.
  • Negotiating with Manufacturers - managing your teams and working with your suppliers through the process of product specification, development and pricing.
  • Packaging - balancing packaging and print costs whilst ensuring materials, copy and design is consistent across your range; whilst being relevant to your target retailer and customer groups.
  • Point of Sale - identifying the obstacles to purchase, developing the POS materials required to positively influence consumer purchasing behaviour.

Click here for examples of previous projects and case studies within this discipline.

So get in touch today and let's get your product into production.

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