Developing your Stationery, Gifts, Card or Souvenir Range

Developing a strong product range that optimises sales requires a detailed understanding of your market place - and regular 're-evaluation' of the market is vital when it comes to effective range management.

As a Buyer with 30 years experience, I can help you implement strategies for range management that build on your brands' positioning and values.

I work alongside your business to maximise the performance of your range and will ensure that your target audience sees a consistent brand image across your portfolio. Specifically, I can provide support and insight in the following areas: 

  • Range Evaluation - identifying the impact of market changes on your range and the opportunities and risks associated. 
  • Sales Analysis - analysing trends in your sales data to identify the real 'stars' in your product range.
  • Range Planning - developing a clear structure to identify the product lines to grow, maintain and others to be discontinued.
  • Pricing Strategy - ensuring the range plan includes a clear pricing strategy that fits with the predicted market conditions, in the short and long-term.
  • Quality Management - consolidating market positioning with a range that reflects the values of your brand using a 'good, better, best' structure.
  • Brand Maintenance - developing clear and effective policies for your team to ensure that every product in your range consistently reflects the values of your brand.

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