Animals and humour - a great combination

Following on from my last blog on Animal Magnetism, I've got a few more examples of how charismatic and alluring animal imagery can be for your card, stationery and gift ranges...

Humour seems to work particularly well with animal imagery, be they photographic or illustrative, either because the images show animals doing ridiculous things, the style in which they have been created, or the caption that makes them so human.

Tracks have been always offered great animal humour either with pictures of animals dressed up in crazy gear or doing some really silly things; as retailers we love their ranges because we know they will sell really well.

A relatively new kid on the animal humour block is the Avanti range of cards from USA distributed by The Great British Card Company in the UK. They have some fantastic images and captions and are certainly bringing a lot of fun to many card shops displays this year. 

The Great British Card Company have also published a new illustrative collection by Jess Grant. Her work is beautifully executed and I am sure the gentle humour shown in the images and captions will be popular; 'Cracking Pins' certainly made me smile...

So too did a range I saw for the 1st time at PG Live: the Grumble and Co range inspired by a miniature schnauzer and his 3 pug friends.

Or at the other end of the visual scale are some really bright and colourful cards that show humour in a completely different way. Rose Hill has built her card range around fantastically bright pop art and her fab range is becoming more and more popular with retailers and you can see why...

I am not sure whether animal imagery is becoming more popular or I am noticing it more because there is so much good product out there; either way there seems to be something available whatever your taste and I will certainly be buying some of them this summer. Will you?