It's all in a Thank You

Following on from my post last week about joining the Stationers' Company and all the recent excitement of the Stationery Awards, it got me thinking about acceptances and thank yous... 

We often read that in this digital age, handwriting is a dying art, so we need to ensure that the next generation are encouraged to communicate in the written form by having exciting and innovative products to use - and from what I have seen at the shows there is plenty around this year which bodes well for sales.

Hannah Dale founder of Wrendale Designs commissioned a YouGov survey into thank you letter trends at Christmas which revealed that 25% of parents admitted that their children sent no form of 'Thank You' message for gifts received - either handwritten or electronic - although 68% of them thought they should. Hannah feels there is nothing nicer than receiving a handwritten letter which says thank you for a gift received and hopes that her new range of stationery 'Snails and Pigtails' designed specifically to appeal to children, will encourage them to write. Hannah entered her writing set in to The Gift of the Year awards back in January and it won its class so the retail buyers who judged the awards certainly feel she is on to something. 

Not sending 'Thank You' letters might be a trend amongst children but someone is definitely sending thank you cards as this format has seen a steady growth in sales recently, particularly in a smaller size card for a quick note. Card publishers are getting in on the act here too with one of Lagoms best-selling cards being an eye catching 'Thank You' card saying ‘SMALL CARD BIG THANK YOU’.

Portico Designs have been producing licensed and OEM ranges of stationery for retailers like Staples, WH Smith and many others in the stationery and fashion sectors for 25 years, but have only started to sell in to the market in the last 2 years or so. The ranges available to independent retailers are very strong I particularly liked their range of boxed notecards called note to self which offers a real cross section of designs; some very simple stylish cards with fine embossed icons, others with contemporary metallic shapes, some laser cuts and others relaxed coloured spots and florals.

All of which inspire me - and hopefully inspire others, particularly the younger generations - to get writing.