How does the rise of ‘Health and Wellness’ impact the ranges that retailers stock?

As retailers, we should all be thinking about how we can maximise any opportunities that changes in circumstance present. More than that, we need to be keeping our eyes open and actively looking for them… and Health & Wellness is a growing trend that I believe we should all be paying attention to.

 The type of food we eat is coming into more of a focus as many of us choose particular diets that suit our way of life, the way we feel about things, make us feel good or suit our bodies intolerances. From vegan to vegetarian, gluten-free, and lactose-free diets, to simply being healthier by reducing sugar intake and so on – you may be surprised at how these choices will have an impact on the popularity of certain ranges that you stock. And these choices are becoming ever more popular…

The number of people following a vegan diet for example has increased from 300,000 to 3m in the last 15 years as more people feel uncomfortable about eating animal based products.  January is often seen as the month of restraint after Christmas and Dry January has become quite a thing but we now have Veganuary too and it will certainly get bigger in years to come; whilst these aren’t likely to change your range completely they may influence some of the books or cards you sell in that period.

 For those of us selling food or confectionery - catering for these groups of customers could limit or grow our sales depending on our customer base and their preferences. For example, the fruit and alcohol flavoured gummy types of sweets are very popular at the moment and are made with gelatine, which is normally a meat-based product. Should you also be offering everyone non-meat based and/or reduced sugar sweets option? As long as they are tasty why wouldn’t we?

 Even non-food retailers need to think how the Health & Wellness trend might impact on what you sell this year.  For example, as more people chose to give up alcohol completely it is certainly worth considering the impact this has on your card and gift ranges… while many will smile at the idea of ‘Prosecco o’clock’, not everyone is going to want to buy a gift relating to or showing images of prosecco, gin or beer this year.

If you’re looking to get ‘fit for the future’ and ensure you have the best products and level of service ready to go – why not get in touch to discuss how I can use my expertise and knowledge to help your products and business do even better…