Speaking at ACE2019

I’m busy prepping this week for my trip to Brighton to take part in the Association for Cultural Enterprises’ annual conference…

The ACE2019 seminar programme aims to bring members and visitors the latest thinking, experience and debate in the world of cultural commerce. Topics include retail, licensing, catering, publishing, intellectual property and more.

I’ll be talking about trends, and analysing what recent market trends can tell us about what customers will be looking for in the future and how that can help us plan ahead.

My session will address how social, economic and design trends are influencing buying habits and how you can use this information to plan your retail business.

If you’re heading to the conference, I’ll be on stage in Auditorium 2 at 11am on 28th February - hope to see you there!


11 Auditorium 2

Current Gift Trends in the Sector

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