Judging on Lord Sugar's Panel

If you were watching the final of The Apprentice on the weekend (Sunday, December 17) - you may have caught a fleeting glimpse of me sitting alongside Lord Alan Sugar, Baroness Karren Brady and Claude Littner at London’s City Hall where we heard the pitches from the five finalists: florist Elizabeth McKenna, recruitment firm owner James White, digital marketing manager Joanna Jarjue, construction magazine director Michaela Wain and confectionery entrepreneur Sarah Lynn...

(Here I am in the far right!)

(Here I am in the far right!)

This is the second year running that I've been involved in the show. Last year I was brought in to advise on whether novelty gifts company owner Courtney Wood or homemade cake maker Alana Spencer should win. (Whilst he didn't win, Courtney’s Bubblegum Stuff company is now well known in the gifts industry!).

The head-to-head challenge this time round was even closer than last year; so much so that Lord Sugar broke his own rules by taking on both “very credible” finalists meaning that James White and Sarah Lynn won a £250,000 investment each.

Of his decision to double his investment for the first time in 13 series of the show, Lord Sugar said: “I’m a gambler, and I’ve always been a gambler in business. Honestly it was so so close, I really could not decide, so I have two really wonderful new business partners. I was torn, I just couldn’t decide one way or the other so the fair thing to do was to choose them both.”

I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I enjoyed being a part of it... looking forward to seeing what next year's series brings!