Independent Retailers' 3 Point Check-List for Christmas

Christmas is looming and for most of us, it’s the most important time of year, so all of your focus should be on making it as much of a success as possible.

There isn’t much time to get ready and most of your stock will have been bought – but as part of your final planning for Christmas, here’s a 3 point checklist for maximising your Christmas selling opportunity:

  1. Check you have the right products for your customers this Christmas, is there anything missing?
  2. Reinforce your brand by offering :
    • An exciting window display to entice new shoppers through the door
    • A rotation of fresh new products at the front of the store to tempt existing customers
    • Fantastic service that makes customers feel special and keeps everyone coming back
  3. Get involved in local events and activities to build awareness and loyalty with local shoppers.

There isn’t a lot of time so make any changes you feel you can ready for your Christmas trading - and keep a note of other things you need to do in 2018.