The funny thing about cards

In my last blog, I discussed the merits of travelling to shows in France and Frankfurt (later this month) and New York (May).  If you’re considering visiting/exhibiting, here are a few other things to bear in mind.

The UK card market leads the world in terms of design and one of our best-selling genre is humour if you consider these 2 factors there are only going to be certain foreign shows you will visit that are going to have products that can sell in the UK in a reasonable volume. The reality is that the images and colours used will be critical to a ranges success, if the card has a caption then the phraseology used will be highly significant too. We send cards for certain occasions which are not all shared with our European and American neighbours and humour often doesn’t translate across national boundaries. Taking this into account whether you will find many good card ranges abroad is debateable.

Having said that there were some amazing cards from American publishers at Top Drawer Autumn which suggests that some publishers believe they will work here and when I visited the New York Stationery Show, which has a significant card section, last year there were a number of brands exhibiting that I think would have been popular in the UK my big challenge was to find an affordable way of getting them here as the publishers did not have UK distributors.

My hunch is if you are only looking to source cards, visiting foreign trade fairs may not be a great use of your time or money.