It's Show Time!

It is January and we are already in the thick of show season with wonderful new cards being made available to update our ranges of everyday and occasions cards and lots of spring seasons looking wonderfully fresh and colourful.

And of course you don’t necessarily have to travel massive distances to these early season shows as there are a significant number of regional shows that may have cards that are relevant for your target market and with Giving and Living in Exeter, Wales Spring Fair in Llandudno, Scotland’s Trade Fair Spring in Glasgow, Top Drawer in London and Harrogate Christmas and Gift Fair in Yorkshire there are plenty to choose from and then of course there is Spring Fair in February at the NEC.

Having said that you may feel that you need to stock something significantly different from your competitors and that to find this dream product you need to go abroad be it Maison Objet in January, Ambiente or Paperworld in February or wait until the New York Stationery Show in May.

Travelling to foreign shows to find products can be really insightful but how much you get out of your trip will depend on the types of products you are looking for and the shows you are visiting. These trips needn’t cost a lot but whether they represent good value for money and a good use of time will depend on how well you prepare for the trip in terms of identifying the right show for you to visit, how long you go for and whether in reality you will actually be able to do business with anyone you meet there.

Which shows are right for you will depend on your target customers and where you believe publishers with the relevant cards for you will be exhibiting be that in terms of design, price, quality or all 3…