Here we go again!

Following on from my last blog about the changes we can expect in 2016, here’s my Top Tip for you going into the New Year…

However good a year 2015 was for you personally or in business it is really important that you don’t just repeat the same old stuff because it worked last time without evaluating why it was such a success so that you can be sure that it is still relevant in 2016.

This applies to businesses of every size, retailers, suppliers and designers alike and as the market gets more and more competitive it becomes even more critical to be sure that whatever you invest time and money in is going to deliver you the positive results you need.

In terms of design Letterpress was very strong as a print method and developed from the very simple images and 1 colour designs we had seen in 2013 and 2014 into much more complex work with multiple colours and much more complex imagery including text. Whether Letterpress will be as strong in 2016 is open to debate but the neon colours we saw being used with this and other design techniques are certainly going to be in evidence along with hot tropical colours and summer imagery as designers seek inspiration from Rio and the Olympics.PIC 

So what will I be doing differently in 2016?
I spend a lot of time at trade shows looking for trends and new products but I am not good at keeping my notes in an ordered fashion so I can easily find details and contacts when I want to refer back to them; so a better filing system for each product type and fair is something I need to set up.

I have a tendency to leave things to the last minute and put myself and suppliers under unnecessary pressure it is not so much a lack of planning but rather trying to fit too much in to the time I have so I need to be more realistic and keep it simple.

But the one thing that I will continue to do is to prepare before I do something so I have the right information with me and am in the right mind-set, I do not see any point in attending a meeting without knowing the agenda and the points I need to contribute. Likewise attending trade shows without having done the relevant sales analysis first so I know what I need to find and what would be good to find - and what I definitely don’t need. More on this in the new year…

By the time you read this it will almost be 2016... I look forward to seeing you in the New Year!