Children - the card senders of the future...

Following on from my last blog on children's Birthday cards, I want to look at some of the other occasions that we celebrate with and for children - and to share some examples of truly special cards that help us mark these occasions.

'New Baby' cards are becoming more and more interesting and James Ellis’s range of Shakies is a good example of this. For twins, rather than use predictable imagery, he uses two smiley stars sitting together in a starry sky with loose silver glitter, clear stars and clear heart confetti sitting behind a clear panel to make a really special and innovative card. 

For many there are a number of religious celebrations during a child’s life and in the past these would have been marked by sending very traditional cards. Recently some publishers have started to produce much more contemporary cards and Belly Button are a good example of this.

Exams are such a big part of our children’s growing up these days that there are plenty of times they will receive exam 'good luck' and hopefully 'well done' cards as they progress through the education system - and the variety of designs from different publishers makes this much more fun as a category than it used to be.

If children are receiving so many cards as they grow up at what point do children become potential card senders? It is likely that from an early age parents or carers will encourage them to give a card to their other parent or carer on their birthday or Christmas, and where appropriate on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day too. When do they decide to send them of their own accord, choose them and pay for them, or make them to say 'Thank you Teacher?

While it is unlikely that many of today’s children will send as many cards as their parents have done, hopefully we can save a significant number from becoming just social media ‘event markers.’ Email, text, twitter and Facebook may be better than forgetting an occasion completely but there is nothing like receiving an actual card.